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our process

    Paul J. Allain, Architect APAC takes pride in the ability to provide clients with long lasting, high-performing, healthy buildings. Architecture is ultimately about people and the design process starts with the client. From the beginning stages through the completion of a project, Paul J. Allain, Architect APAC knows that design excellence is only possible through the collaboration and honest communication of all those involved. The firm strives to cultivate an environment that embraces the open exchange of ideas, working in close relationship with local tradesmen and clients on every project. It is the firm’s aim to foster a creative outlet for the client’s aspirations while working to meet all of their budgetary and programmatic goals. Having no predetermined style in mind, we bring the same level of enthusiasm and passion to every new opportunity no matter the client type or scope of work. Our design team often involves professional engineers, interior designers, and consultants to provide the best work possible for the client. It is through this level of collaboration and open-mindedness in every presented opportunity that Paul J. Allain, Architect APAC continues to learn, grow and

elevate the standard of its work.