Location: Jeanerette, LA

Client: Jeanerette Landmark Society


Project Description:

In 2002, the 1897 home of Harry B. Hewes was in disrepair and up for sale with the possibility of being demolished or relocated. In an effort to save and preserve the home, the Jeanerette Landmark Society purchased the property and procured the architectural services of Paul J. Allain, Architect APAC. The home is used for public functions such as civic gatherings, receptions and tourist related activities. The second floor is dedicated to the display of pictures and artifacts from the lumber industry in Jeanerette. The design team worked to bring the building up the code, create handicap accessibility, and stabilize the structure. Existing details on the interior and exterior were maintained and brought back to their original condition. In 2005, the Harry B. Hewes home was listed on the National Register.