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david P. allain

Project Architect

David P. Allain is a licensed architect for Paul J. Allain, Architect APAC. After receiving his Bachelors Degree in Architecture from Louisiana State University in 2011 with a Cum Laude Honors distinction and earning his Louisiana architectural license in 2015, David has applied his unique vision of the region’s architectural possibilities to push the firm into new territories of award-winning architectural distinction. Using the latest architectural computer software and 3D design programs, his contributions allow for new levels of productivity, creativity and visualizations needed for graphic communication skills help clients to visualize multiple aspects of their project.


As a project architect, he brings a level of professionalism to every project with a special attention to detail and devotion to projects of all sizes and complexities to meet the needs for his civic, healthcare, and commercial clients. From early concept developments to construction administration, David’s wide range of skills bring a new surge of innovation and design excellence to the office and the jobsite making him a valuable part of our project team and well appreciated by each of the clients with whom he works. David is also an active board member of the New Iberia Downtown Alliance focusing on improving access and quality of life for downtown businesses, visitors, and residents.

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