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Hi, Carolyn here. The Interior Designer of the group. I am a Licensed Commercial and Residential Interior Designer. I'm so glad you dropped in to see what we are all about. Here at Paul J. Allain, Architect we are offering an additional design service that is all online and on your schedule. We know your busy and do not have time for a traditional Interior Design experience. So, we are bringing the professional design experience to you - from the comfort of your own device. Get design ideas straight to your inbox and collaborate with me over email. All communication, idea boards, shopping links, and other project documents are digitally delivered to your inbox. Virtual Interior Design. Yes, you read correctly. However, if you prefer a more traditional in person Interior Design experience we still offer quotes for that as well. Transparent pricing and beautiful results. What more can you ask from an Interior Designer? 

Interior Design Objects

virtual interior design packages

Standard Package
Starting $260.00 /per room*

This package is for those who need ideas on how every element in the room will flow together. This is a simple package for those who prefer to have a starting point. It is designed for those clients who want to do the shopping and selections on their own, but do not know where to begin. Your room will be styled and tailored to your preference through Virtual Idea Boards. 

         Virtual Idea Boards (2 options)

         Collaborate with our Licensed Interior Designer

       -   Access through email only

       -   Any in person or phone consultations will be                            charged on an hourly basis

Luxe Package
Starting $520.00 /per room*

This package is for those who not only need ideas on how every element in the room will flow together, but they also need direction and direct links to furniture, fixtures, and finishes. A tentative shopping list that can be addressed on your own time and budget. If you do not want to purchase the exact item on your shopping list. Bring your list and idea boards to a local furniture or fixture retailer and they can find pieces that will be very similar and work just as well in the room. We love supporting local, but we have clients from all over and we must cater to them as well.

         Virtual Idea Boards (2 options)

         Collaborate with our Licensed Interior Designer

         Shopping List of Furniture, Fixtures, and Finishes                       based off of Idea Board

       -   Visual Representation 

         Access through email only

       -   Any in person or phone consultations will be                           charged on an hourly basis

*Starting $ is based off of a 200 sq. foot area or less. Anything larger than 200 sq. feet will be charged on a room by room basis. Any additional rooms will be charged on the same basis.

No visitations to project site or assisting the client to finish or fixtures stores is allowed in the Standard or Luxe Package.


A traditional In person
interior design EXPERIENCE

interior design custom quotes
contact us for a custom quote

Want something more detailed, a start to finish type of service? We offer that too. Want to meet in person with an Interior Designer? Take a more traditional approach with your Interior Design experience? We can provide you with a custom quote based on your scope of work and project. This experience is the ultimate package for those clients who are building new construction or are remodeling. This experience will give you a completely designed well thought out room and space plan. Face to face meetings and consultations. The following are just to name a few services our Interior Designer offers. Contact us via or give us a call at 337-365-9493.

       Idea Boards

      Collaborate with our Licensed Interior Designer

      -  Site Verification/Measuring Room(s)

      -  Schematic spatial arrangement and furniture layout

      -  Shopping List of Furniture, Fixtures, and Finishes

      -  Custom Cabinet Design

      -  Visual Representation- 3D black and white model of specific areas

      -  Contractor Level Drawings to build from include Elevations, Details, and Floorplans

      -  Construction Administration and Install Administration

      -  Coordinate with any General or Sub Contractor to achieve your ideal design

      Visitations to site for consultation

      -  Assisting client to finish or fixtures stores

      Access through email, phone, or video call

idea board samples

Idea Board.jpg
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Place your order now, we will send you a follow up email and a quote. 



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